Junior Church for 5-7 year olds

This will be the last Splash! for the time being. If you have been using these Splash! resources please let us know and we may restart in the New Year

This Weeks Topic

Joseph meets his family again

Last week, when we left Joseph, he had been sold by his brothers and was being taken off to Egypt by the men who had bought him. When he got to Egypt things started off quite well but soon everything was going wrong again for poor Joseph. Watch the video to see what happened to him.

Joseph had lots of things happen to him, didn’t he. Some were really bad. Can you think of two bad things that happened to Joseph? Some things were good too. Can you think of two good things?

Whatever happened to Joseph, bad or good, he always remembered that God was with him. Joseph knew that God would make sure that things worked out the way God wanted them to in the end.

Here is a verse from the Bible that lets us know that God is in charge, whatever happens.

We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love him.

Romans 8 v 28

Copy it out (or get someone to help you) and decorate it with some of the good things that you have in your life. What about your family, your friends, a home to live in? What else can you think of? Why not see if you can learn it off by heart?

Here is a prayer.

Father God, thank you for the story of Joseph. Thank you that you were always in charge and you always looked after him. Thank you that Joseph trusted you, whatever happened to him. Sometimes we think that things are bad and we don’t know why. Please help us to trust you and to remember that you are with us and you want the best for us. Thank you for all the good things we have in our lives already. Thank you that you love us. Amen.

Previous Weeks Topics

 Joseph and the Merchants

Do you remember what happened to Joseph in last week’s story? See if you can think of two things about Joseph or his family, then watch the video to see what happened next.

Oh dear, whatever is going to happen to Joseph now? He seemed to have everything going well for him last week, but now look what’s going on! Things don’t look very good, do they? How do you think he felt when his brothers sold him? He must have been very frightened when the merchants took him away and he didn’t know what was going to happen to him or where he was going to end up.

Now choose something to do.

  • Do you ever feel frightened or worried about things that are happening? Most of us feel like that sometimes.

God promises that whatever happens, he will always be with us to help us.

Print out this verse Isaiah 41v10 to colour in and decorate to help you remember that God is always with you.

  • Joseph had all sorts of good things and bad things happen to him at different times. He remembered that God was always with him and looking after him. Joseph remembered that he could talk to God about everything and so can we. Use this prayer or you could make up one of your own.

Dear God, sometimes I feel worried about things that are happening and sometimes I feel afraid.

Thank you that you know what is going on and you have promised to be with me all the time. Thank you that nothing frightens you and you are stronger than anything that scares me.

Please help me to remember how much you love me. Amen

Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours

This week we’re going right back to stories that are found in the very first book in the Bible, Genesis. Some of you might know some of these stories already, but that’s OK. I still love them, even though I’ve heard them and read them many times now. Sometimes I still find out something I didn’t know before! So, here we go, with the first part of the story of Joseph.

Watch this video first of all.

Now choose something to do.

  • Joseph had some very strange dreams. Can you remember what they were about? You could try making a picture for yourself of one of the dreams.
  • Joseph and his brothers weren’t always very nice to each other and their dad, Jacob didn’t really help. Can you think of anything that they did that wasn’t very nice? How could they have done things better?

Do you think God is pleased if we are unkind to our brothers and sisters? Make up your own prayer to ask God to help you to remember to be kind to people in your family.