“Excellence in Safeguarding”

Safeguarding Statement on Children and Adults at Risk and Dronfield Baptist Church (DBC).

1.1 Safeguarding is a term used to represent the proactive protection and prevention of harm to the welfare and well-being of a child or adult at risk.

1.2 The vision of Dronfield Baptist Church is

  • Engaging deeper with Jesus
  • Enabling all to meet Jesus
  • Enriching our Community

1.3 All Children or Adults at Risk, whatever their age, gender, racial background, culture or disability, will have the opportunity to grow up and belong, safe from harm whilst engaging in activities organised by Dronfield Baptist Church and by organisations using its premises.

1.4 Dronfield Baptist Church believes that Children or Adults at Risk are, and should be, part of the Church today. They have much to give as well as to receive

  • We will listen to them.
  • We will nurture them in worship, learning, and in community life.
  • We will respect their wishes and feelings

1.5 The Fellowship (members and attendees) of Dronfield Baptist Church commit themselves to the nurturing, protection and safekeeping of all Children and Adults at Risk using DBC organisations and activities.

1.6 It is the responsibility of each member of the Fellowship to strive to prevent the physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse of Children and Adults at Risk, and to report any abuse suspected, disclosed or discovered as laid down in the Safeguarding Policy and Procedures summarised in the Excellence in Safeguarding Guidelines. The Dronfield Baptist Church Safeguarding Strategy, Policy and Procedures are based on the guidelines and principles published by The Baptist Union of Great Britain publications “Safe to Grow” and “Safe to Belong” and in line with current Safeguarding best practice.

1.7 The Fellowship of Dronfield Baptist Church recognise that all work with Children and Adults at Risk, is the responsibility of the whole church.

1.8 Dronfield Baptist Church is committed to supporting, resourcing and supervising those who work with Children and Adults at Risk. As part of that commitment to Children and Adults at Risk the Church Leadership will seek to facilitate training of leaders and workers with Children and Adults at Risk in their activities at church and on behalf of church.

1.9 Each worker with Children or Adults at Risk will know the Safeguarding Policies and Procedures, and, undertake to observe them. Each worker will be given a copy of the church’s summary document “Excellence in Safeguarding” and expected to become familiar with the full Safeguarding Policy and Procedures document.

1.10 At Dronfield Baptist Church we seek to express the love and challenge of Jesus Christ to Children and Adults at Risk by nurturing and developing their spiritual, physical and personal growth.

1.11 As a Church we are committed to achieve this by

  • the leadership of DBC organised activities living out a Christian life.
  • working within and promoting the Safeguarding Policy and Procedures
  • developing and utilising the skills and knowledge of Children and Adults at Risk by wholesome and adventurous activities.
  • developing the social skills of children.
  • developing a concern for others in Children and Adults at Risk
  • challenging Children and Adults at Risk with the life of Jesus and God’s Word so that they can respond in faith to Him.
  • drawing on the experience of Jesus in the life of Children and Adults at Risk and enabling them to put that experience back into the broader Church life.

1.12 As part of Dronfield Baptist Church’s commitment to Children and Adults at Risk, the church has appointed a Safeguarding Team with the following responsibilities:

  • Safeguarding Trustee (implementing Policy, Procedures and link to Trustees/Leadership) to oversee and monitor implementation of the Safeguarding policy and procedures on behalf of DBC’s charity trustees – to be nominated
  • Designated Person for Safeguarding will take the appropriate day to day action when abuse is disclosed, discovered or suspected – Kenny Cameron
  • Safeguarding Administrator/DBS Verifier to support adherence to the necessary processes and record keeping – Anne Armstrong

1.13 Their roles will be regularly explained to workers, Children and Adults at Risk, and their names and telephone numbers publicly displayed.

1.14 Safeguarding activities will be reviewed annually by the Safeguarding Trustee and reported to the Annual General Meeting. In addition, regular visits will be made by one of the Safeguarding Team to each organisation to identify any necessary training/induction required for newly appointed workers and support organisations in complying with DBC Safeguarding policy and procedures.

Statement approved and published April 21


Downloadable PDF – Dronfield Baptist Church  Safeguarding Policy and Procedures – Published April 21


Our Safeguarding Team

Kenny Cameron, Designated Person (First to Call) Tel 07770597231

Anne Armstrong, Safeguarding Administrator. (DBS verifier)