‘Life on Mars: the world of work, rest and play’

Welcome to Sunday morning worship. Today, you will need even more props. I would like you to find things you associate with your worlds of work, rest and play.

The world of work does not only include paid work as many of you are retired, are homemakers, on furlough and maybe unemployed too; but you still work in some sense or other. For the world of rest, I would like you to find something that you associate with following Jesus specifically, such as a Bible, a book of any kind or even your church directory. As for the world of play, I hope that that doesn’t need any explaining at all.

Please have these props ready and if possible, can you take a photo of them and post them onto the church’s Face-book page to share with us all.

Please take this time to worship and to be encouraged together. You can find the service on our YouTube Channel using the link below. (available from 8 am on Sunday 24th January) The sermon notes are at the bottom of the page.


Welcome – The world of Work, Rest and Play

Reading  Matthew 25 : 14 – 30

Songs  ‘Creation sings the Fathers song’ and ‘My heart is filled with thankfulness’

Prayers of Thanksgiving


Prayers of Intercession

Song ‘Holy Spirit, living breath of God’

Blessing: ‘God who called you to work with him, strengthen you by the power of his Spirit, that you may be worthy of his calling.’

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