• Thought For The Day – Friday 25th July

    Friday 24th July – Alison Bygrave  Let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us, Hebrews 12:1  During lockdown we have received more than one video showing our grandson running away from his parents, as fast as his little legs will carry him across the park. One

  • Thought For The Day – Thursday 23rd July

    Clean Hands, Clean Heart? – Ed Tomlinson  I looked at my hands recently and thought wow I don’t think they have ever been cleaner and that is saying something considering my love of messing with the oily bits of cars! In addition, I suffer occasionally from a little psoriasis on

  • Thought For The Day – Wednesday 22nd July

    Wednesday 22nd July – Chris Turk  The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray every way you know how, for everyone you know. Pray especially for rulers and their governments to rule well so we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation.

  • Thought For The Day – Tuesday 21st July

     Focus – Don Brennan Imagine for a moment you’re going to your favourite holiday spot. If you’re anything like my family you’re bubbling with excitement, perhaps talking about things that happened the last time you were there, you can’t wait to get there. You know the types of conversation “Are

  • Thought For The Day – Monday 20th July

    Monday 20th July – Alison Bygrave  I was very blessed with aunties, as my dad and mum both had three sisters, and my dad had two half-sisters as well. I have taken them for granted somehow, but they are now gradually passing on to be with their Lord, and those

  • Thought For The Day – Friday 17th July

    Friday 17th July – Heather Machin  I saw this image the other day, I found it so reassuring; it made me think of all the times the Bible reminds us of God’s love for us. Today I just want to share a couple of verses that speak of that love

  • Thought For The Day – Thursday 16th July

     2 Kings 6: 15 – 17    –   Andy Gore This is one of those stories that are just such a delight to read and it looks great in Charlie’s Action Bible; a Bible drawn by graphic comic artists. How they have drawn this verse is a real delight and

  • Thought For The Day – Wednesday 15th July

    Wednesday 15th July – Gill Smith As we plan to share our first remote church meeting tonight, shall we pray together now Our loving Lord We come before you as your people, Lord we come to offer you our worship and thanksgiving. Lord God we worship you as our Creator

  • Thought For The Day – Tuesday 14th July

    Patience – Don Brennan Maybe you’re like the reader of a book who can’t wait for the ending so peeks at the last page? Or maybe you get sleepless nights unable to wait for holidays to come or birthdays or Christmas. Having patience is a very hard life lesson. We can

  • Thought For The Day – Monday 13th July

    Monday 13th July – Alison Bygrave I had a favourite poem when I was a teenager, written by Edwin Muir. Friend, I have lost the way. The way leads on. Is there another way? The way is one. I must retrace the track. It’s lost and gone. Back, I must