‘Living the life of the Spirit filled with Joy

Welcome to Sunday morning worship. Christmas is coming but a lot sooner than I am usually prepared for.

As we are all aware Christmas this year will be very different because of the Covid restrictions but we must also remember that for some Christmas will still be a day they spend on their own. Over the next few weeks we will be thinking about the different rituals we use to help us prepare for, celebrate and be blessed by all that Christmas means.

For today please find yourself a candle and when you light it remind yourself that we use lights to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world and the darkness has never overcome it.

For us as a family we loved using lights and one of the ways we did this was having tea by candlelight. It was always special though the candles were always a source of contention too!!

Please take this time to worship and to be encouraged together. You can find the service on our YouTube Channel using the link below. (available from 8 am on Sunday 1st November) The sermon notes are at the bottom of the page.


Welcome – using your Christmas rituals so soon?

Songs  ‘How deep the Fathers Love’  and  ‘And can it be’

Reading   Romans 7 : 21 – 8 : 4

Prayers of Thanksgiving – Rituals of Hope


Prayers of Intercession

Song  ‘My heart is filled with thank-fulness’

Blessing: The Lord look upon you and refresh you: The Lord in his mercy re-store you; The Lord in his love strengthen you.

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