‘Kingdom : Wheat among the weeds’ 

(‘The Jesus I never knew’ Chapter 13)


Today we are drawing the threads together of our longer than Lent, Lent read. We have journeyed through the main elements of the life of Jesus and there are two things left for us to consider. The
first one is what is, what do you think is Jesus’ core message?

We are bombarded with adverts throughout our lives all wanting us to remember their key message. At times we are left bewildered by such a message as it seems so disconnected from the product
but here are a few of the more well known ones and I’ll give you the answers on Sunday morning and in the notes:

1 ‘The real thing’
2 ‘I’m lovin’ it’
3 ‘The power of Dreams’
4 ‘Just do it’
5 ‘Sharing God’s love’

This week is also our monthly communion service so please have the bread and wine ready so that you can join in.

Please take this time to worship and to be encouraged together. You can find the service on our YouTube Channel using the link below. (available from 8 am on Sunday 18th April) Sermon Notes are at the bottom of the page.


Welcome – Just a saying …

Songs  ‘Cornerstone’ and  ‘We bow down and confess’

Reading Acts 17: 1-9 (Richard Armstrong)

Prayers of Thanksgiving (Richard Armstrong)

‘What does Jesus mean to me?’ (Alison Bygraves)



Prayers of Intercession

Song   ‘Guide me O thou great Redeemer’

Blessing: ‘Go out witnessing to the power of the resurrection in the might of the risen Lord’

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