Miracles: ‘Snapshots of the Supernatural’

(‘The Jesus I never knew’ Chapter 9)

Today is Passion Sunday and it is the time in Lent when we turn our faces to the events of Palm Sunday and the week leading to the death of Jesus.

Passiontide reminds us that our faith is rooted in both the death and the resurrection of Jesus which we will be celebrating today as share bread and wine together.

Over these last three weeks we’ve thought about the Message and Mission of Jesus and today we’re thinking of his Miracles.

As part of our worship I will be asking you to think about something wonderful that has happened to you recently as this was often the response of the crowds to Jesus’ miracles. When they saw what he did they was amazed, astonished and gave thanks to God which is the heart of our worship.

Please take this time to worship and to be encouraged together. You can find the service on our YouTube Channel using the link below. (available from 8 am on Sunday 21st March) The sermon notes are at the bottom of the page.



Reading  Ephesians 2: 1 – 10

Songs   ‘Before the throne of God’ and  ‘Heart of worship’

‘What does Jesus mean to me?’

Prayers of Thanksgiving



Prayers of Intercession

Song  ‘Build my life’

Blessing: ‘The Father who created light out of darkness, the Son who is the light of the world, the Spirit
who enlightens everyone, The Holy Three be with you and scatter the darkness from you.’

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