‘Signing on the dotted line the Jonah Way’

Welcome to our Sunday morning worship.

Today is a baptismal service and one of the elements of baptism is the celebration of a new life experienced and lived out day by day. You could say that baptism is like your first day at school, university, or work. Do you remember what it felt like?

First days are always a bit daunting because they are marked by the unknown and the unfamiliar. Questions such as where is the toilet, where is the room I need to be, who are these people around you, or what am I expected to do fill your hearts and minds which is why first days are daunting.

Yet, they can be exciting too. There is the excitement of taking the next step in your life; there is the joy of having succeeded in your ambition; there is the anticipation of the reward of personal growth and development or a pay packet at the end of the month.

Baptism is like signing on the dotted line to start something new, of a fresh start filled with new opportunities, new hopes, and new dreams where you just don’t know what the future holds but you can’t wait to find out. This almost sounds like Jonah – or then again, perhaps it doesn’t!!

Please take this time to worship and to be encouraged together. You can find the service on our YouTube Channel using the link below. (available from 8 am on Sunday 4th July)

Sermon Notes are at the bottom of the page.



Signing on the dotted line

Songs  ‘Creation sings the Father’s song’ and ‘I see your face’ (Beautiful)

Reading  Jonah 1 : 1 – 16


Song  ‘I am not alone’


Prayers for Nat and for the world

Song  ‘There is a green hill’

Blessing: ‘The presence of the Father enfold you, the peace of the Saviour be upon you and the power of the Spirit be within you in all that you do and are this week.’

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