‘Message: A Sermon Offence’  

(‘The Jesus I never knew’ Chapter 7)

Can you remember what heart of Jesus’ Message is? It is… ‘I am Blessed!!’

This is simplicity itself and I hope that you said this each day this week; but did you also realise there is more to it than just this? Welcome to Part Two as we think about his Message and turn to the rest of the Sermon on The Mount. If you read the Sermon you will discover the Simplicity of Jesus’ Message naturally lead to Complexity, Perplexity and then Harmony.

I find in this fourfold cycle a path that allows me again and again and again to hear these words of Jesus in a fresh and vibrant way reminding and speaking to me of what this new Blessed life that Jesus pours into me is all about.

Please take this time to worship and to be encouraged together. You can find the service on our YouTube Channel using the link below. (available from 8 am on Sunday 7th March) The sermon notes are at the bottom of the page.



‘What does Jesus mean to me?’  (Simon Russell)

Songs  ‘Amazing Grace’  and   ‘This is the air I breathe’

Prayers of Thanksgiving

Reading 1 Corinthians 1:18-25  (Marilyn Fenn)

‘Message: A Sermon of Offence’

Prayers of Intercession

Song  ‘Oceans’

Blessing: ‘God give you grace to do his will. Christ lead you into the ways of truth. The Spirit guide you in his dealings.’

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