• “Why do we give thanks for food?”

    They all thought I was asking them a straightforward question, when will they ever learn? They assumed the answer I wanted was that we say thank you for our food because we neither wish to die or be without enough. But that wasn’t my point. They latched onto what you

  • “Amazing…what?”

    A few months ago my blog was a story that not only set me thinking but also struck a chord within my heart. Well, I’ve found another one; as told by the writer Philip Yancy. The story describes the inner dynamic that we need to bind our three question marks

  • “As quiet as a …”

    How do you build a community? The answer lies within how we use our triangle. It reminds us that genuine community is always complex, dense and intricate. To build taking the easier path of prioritising one of these question marks at the expense of the others is to end up

  • “It’s on the tip of my tongue…”

    If one picture is worth ten thousand words; then, what is this picture saying here? The three question marks are not these ‘ten thousand words’ but are three words that summarise and remind us of who we are and what it means to be followers of Jesus today. What I

  • “Let’s stop ‘Going to Church.’”

    No, I do really mean it; let’s stop ‘Going to Church.’ Before you organise your diaries too much let me tell you a story. When I was younger I would tell my mother Sunday by Sunday by Sunday that I was going to Church. My mum knew exactly what I

  • ‘If we lose the forest, we lose our souls’.

    This month Gilli and I are walking the North Downs Way, a ‘mere’(!) 153 miles long. We made this rash decision because last year we walked the Peak Pilgrimage; the fact that that was only 40 miles long and only took four days hasn’t been lost on either one of

  • “Early on the first day of the week…”

    Early on the first day of the week the world was never the same again. As the sun rises on that first Easter morning John describes Mary Magdalene’s journey to the tomb who is completely unaware that the world is now no longer the same. Her journey is defined by

  • Reasons to be cheerful… in Lent?

    I haven’t made a mistake; Lent is all about being joyful. Lent is about self-denial and abstinence, but to think it must then be about being miserable is to miss the point. Lent rightly focuses on the forty days Jesus spent in the desert. Jesus was not only imitating Israel’s

  • “Do you hear what I hear?”

    I love a good story, especially when the story stops you in your tracks and demands you to think and to pause and to ponder it. Below is such a story told by the psychologist Robert D Romanyshyn of a visit he made to the Central Park Zoo in New

  • What kind of man is this?

    There is the old joke that the answer to any question asked in church must always be Jesus, even if it sounds like a squirrel; that was the joke. Imagine my amazement when I asked, at the Candlelight service, ‘Did the baby in the manger actually glow?’ to hear the