West End Has Faith – Tearfund Event – Saturday 2nd July

Tearfund event during Feast of Flowers from Rob Aldread:

I want to share with you the very exciting news that I have managed to convince Tearfund to let us host one of their “West End Has Faith” events in Dronfield Parish Church on Saturday 2nd July at 7:30pm. This is particularly great timing as it coincides with the Feast of Flowers.

Here is a general link that helps to give more of an idea: www.tearfund.org/westend

And then here is a specific link where tickets can be purchased. https://fatmdronfield.eventbrite.co.uk

We have to underwrite the first £500 of ticket sales revenue. The tickets are £6 each or £18 for a family of 4.

I’d like to think such an event as this – as part of the Feast of Flowers – will really sell out with 200+ people and raise a good amount of money for Tearfund. I can (and will) sort out all the musical aspects and will provide IT and equipment for them to use…what I can’t do is all the advertising and PR and generating ticket sales. I am really hoping that the people that are working together on the Feast of Flowers will take this on and then that all of us can help to make it a really great CTDD event.



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