Thought For The Week – 26th September

Am I alone in struggling with some of the seemingly contradictory verses in the bible? Like us all, I’ve been horrified by the awful situation in Afghanistan….., the sheer evil brutality of the ISIS bombers.

And I read Lamentations Ch3 v64

Pay them back Lord for all the evil they have done. Give them stubborn hearts and then let your curse fall upon them. Chase them down in your anger, destroying them from beneath the Lord’s heavens.

And I find myself agreeing!

Yet, though we know that it grieves God’s heart and we are told to defend the downtrodden and oppressed, help the poor and needy, hate injustice etc…. Jesus says forgive!

How hard it is sometimes to get the balance right.

Oh Lord, help & guide us by your Holy Spirit to handle our own difficult situations with your wisdom and give us the power to handle things your way, with love and forgiveness.

Jill Lang

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