Thought For The Week – 11th July

We have missed singing in church so much lately, haven’t we?

Praise God we will very soon be able to worship God in song again soon, I can’t wait.

It was so wonderful last Sunday to have live music in church.

St Augustine said a long time ago that to sing hymns is to worship twice, and I agree with him.

At our fellowship group this morning I asked for a favourite hymn and Gill Hall said her favourite, and her request for us all to sing at her baptism on July 25th is Dear Lord and Father of Mankind.

This is my favourite too; I chose it for my baptism in 1985. Also, strangely enough, for my wedding, still working that one out!! This was written many years ago as a poem, at a time when singing in church was frowned upon as being too frivolous, seems like we have always had heated debates about choices of music in church.

My best memory of this hymn was singing it in a little boat on the Sea of Galilee with a lovely group I was with at the time.

Oh, Sabbath rest by Galilee, oh calm of hills above Where Jesus knelt to share with me the silence of eternity, interpreted by love, interpreted by love.

Praise God for all the wonderful talented songwriters and musicians who bring their gifts to lift our worship.

Love from Gill Smith

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