‘Always Winter… Never Christmas’ (No 12)

The last word I would like you to think about is [….] or in other words silence. [….] is not the absence of words, it is the space we create to allow the words we have been reflecting on over these last 11 weeks to work their God given work in our lives.

During the last 13 months or so [….] has intruded upon our lives because of lockdown. You could say [….] has been one of the surprise gifts of Covid-19 as people have been given the chance to learn the ways of quiet. Of learning to work from home. Of learning if to commute, or not to. Of learning to be slower which is when [….] rules.

[….] is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. In [….] we learn it is God who is indispensable and not us. In moments of [….] we learn the measure of our limitations and that God is limitless. In moments of [….] we learn that we can never see the whole picture, but that God does. In moments of [….] we learn how small we are and how vast and wonderful God is. In moments of [….] we learn God loves and treasures us as small as we are, because we are his.

In moments of [….] God calls us afresh to simply know that he is ‘Here’, that we are to give ‘Thanks’ and his invitation to know these wonderful moments of ‘O!’ when words are unnecessary.

In moments of [….] God reminds us afresh of our need to say ‘Sorry!’, to cry out for ‘Help!’ because we cannot do it alone and to ask ‘Please!’ for others.

In moments of [….] God teaches us afresh that he is big enough to deal with our cries of ‘When?’, ‘No!’ and ‘Why?’ when we feel crushed by life and God seems far away though he is nearer than we ever realise.

In moments of [….] God invites us afresh to open ourselves up to those moments of ‘Behold’ and when we say ‘Yes’ in response to him.

In moments of [….] we hear God’s invitation to be still and know that I am God and surely that is enough.

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