Thought For The Week – 25th April

How does this grab you?

Once again, I owe a Thought to the daily notes of Bible In One Year. Whilst I find each day’s devotions helpful sometimes a snippet stands out and really grabs me – these “grabbings” I’ve tried to share with you in previous Thoughts.

In one of his devotions Nicky Gumble quoted one of his friends Michael Timmis as saying ‘The way I define love is by using the fruit of the Spirit, which starts with love. I believe that joy is love rejoicing, peace is love at rest, patience is love waiting, kindness is love interacting, goodness is love initiating, faithfulness is love keeping its word, gentleness is love empathising, and self-control is love resisting temptation.’

This quotation really grabbed my attention and made me think. Like you I’ve heard, and even given, many sermons on the Fruit of the Spirit but none has simplified them so powerfully in so few words.
Each part of that quotation takes us at least one step further in understanding what the Fruits look like in life. Each part of that quotation is challenging and illustrates how far we’ve yet to grow. Each part of that quotation is worth meditating on – perhaps even examining ourselves as to what it looks like for each of us.

As you read this Thought pause by each phrase, take time out and reflect on it before moving to the next.

Joy is Love rejoicing

Peace is Love at rest

Patience is Love waiting

Kindness is Love interacting

Goodness is Love initiating

Faithfulness is Love keeping its word

Gentleness is Love empathising

Self Control is Love resisting temptation

How did that grab you?

Verse for Today – “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” Galatians 5:22-23 NIVUK

Don Brennan

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