‘Always winter… Never Christmas.’ (Part 5)

You might think me simple in saying this, and I know it is very obvious, but life is complex. This is why learning to say ‘Help!’ matters.

But who reading this likes to ask for ‘Help!’? We may like to be asked to help but are you as slow as I am in asking for ‘Help!’? But being willing to ask for ‘Help!’ is essential if we are to learn and to grow in this phase of life.

‘Help!’ describes those important moments in life when we recognise, we just can’t do it by ourselves. This is neither a weakness nor a failure, it is a recognition that we all need help in our lives.

In Genesis 2 God said it was not good for Adam to be alone. He wasn’t just describing the value of companionship; he was describing how we are to deal with the complexity of life. As finite and created people we are just not meant to do everything and if we think we can, we are not being merely fools, we’re in danger of making ourselves to be like God.

The moment we discover that life is just complex, and we cry for ‘Help!’, this is when we become truly human.

To be truly human is to cry ‘Help!’ to God. I don’t know how many times this is described in the Bible, but it seems to be on almost every page. To cry ‘Help!’ like this is not because you’ve run out of options and you don’t know where else to turn, though that may be true. Instead, it describes the heart of a relationship with God. We cry ‘Help!’ because of the reality of sin and how it easily ensnares us. We cry ‘Help!’ because of how fear can control and overwhelm us. We cry ‘Help!’ because being human is to live know his presence, power and love in our lives.

To be truly human is to cry ‘Help!’ to each other. This cry of ‘Help!’ is lived out within the life of the church and it is a key catalyst in our learning to grow more into the likeness of Jesus.

‘Help!’ is not just a Beatles song; it is a mirror where we can see clearly now. We see clearly the wonder of who we are and the reality of our limitations too. We see clearly that we are not condemned but are lovely. This loveliness does not hide our warts but instead sees them as ways how we and others can know the life changing power of Jesus in our lives.

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