‘Six days invisible; One day incomprehensible’ (Part 5)

Our dogs have always been ‘intently haphazard’; well almost. The only time we ever saw them not so was either when it was time to be fed or, if on a walk, they come across climbers and their packed lunches.

I love the phrase ‘intently haphazard’. It’s not that I don’t like to plan or be thorough, but it does remind me of something essential to what it means to be a Christian or Church keeping in step with the Spirit.

However, what resonates most was Peterson’s passion that pastoring a church is not like running a business or strategizing an organisation’s progress and development. Instead, it is like trying to ride on the coattails of a hurricane; or snowboarding an avalanche; or surfing a tsunami wave. It is looking to see the way the wind is blowing and then launching a kite to catch the breeze.

This is why ‘intently haphazard’ fits so well. If God is both sovereign and Lord, the emphasis isn’t on spreadsheets or SMART goals but listening to our Master’s voice. If God is both lover and shepherd our focus isn’t on straplines and vision statements but Scripture in all its wildness. If God is both pastoral and missional then our focus isn’t on numbers personal or financial but the abundant riches we have in Jesus.

To choose ‘intently haphazard’ and not the seductiveness of decency and order is to choose to walk on the water and not play it safe. To choose ‘intently haphazard’ is to take up your cross and follow Jesus into the eye of the storm of the hurricane, the tsunami wave or the avalanche daring to believe Jesus when he says, ‘I am with you, always.’

Here is another quote for me to ask you ‘What does it say to you?’

“Hackers was my father’s contemptuous label for butchers who ignorantly imposed their wills on the meat. They didn’t take into account the subtle difference between pork and beef. They used knives and cleavers inappropriately and didn’t keep them sharp. They were bullies who forced their wills on slabs of bacon and hindquarters of beef. The results were unattractive and uneconomical. They commonly left a mess behind that the rest of us had to clear up.”

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