‘The Household of Faith’ (Part 9)

‘For health and strength and daily food, we praise you name O Lord, Amen, Hoy!!’ Welcome to the Gore family way of saying grace. At home it’s loud and proud, much to Arthur’s amusement and if outside, it is a lot quieter, more to our children’s relief.

An important part of worship is prayer and welcome to one of the most awkward, sensitive and difficult elements to write about in describing us as a Household of Faith.

In the Households of Acts, whether Jew or Gentile, whether Christian or not, it was very different. Prayer was something that happened with none of the self-consciousness we are all too familiar with. This was because when they worshipped and prayed at home it was part and parcel of their cultural identity. But things have changed haven’t they?

Prayer instead of being something that is part and parcel of our culture, is now privatised and homogenised. We all feel like amateurs and uncomfortable with how we pray and when I ask you to ‘Pause the Pastor’ in our Sunday worship on YouTube to pray I am very much aware of this.

When I ask you to ‘Pause the Pastor’ I want to give you a space where you can pray safely and securely feeling no awkwardness at all. I ask you to ‘Pause the Pastor’ so that you can practice and learn to be at home with prayer.

But when I ask you to ‘Pause the Pastor’, I hope aspire for something else. I hope that as a Household of Faith you may as much as comfortable about prayer as the Jewish and Gentile Households in the first century did. I hope that your Household may not be a place where you pray alone, but that it may be a Household where you pray together too.

Again, we remind ourselves that not all of the Households in our church are the same. What would be right for one Household may not work for another. I do not wish to tie you up in knots or in a straightjacket but instead for you to take those steps of faith that are right for you.

So when I ask you to ‘Pause the Pastor’ think of it as an opportunity. An opportunity to be at ease with the God who loves us and holds us in his hands and invites us to know him deeper in our lives in all that we are.

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