Thought For The Day – Friday 31st July

Friday 31st July – Gill Smith

Good Morning Everyone

Here we are after all these weeks at the final thought for the day, from now on it will be a thought for the week.

All the Leadership hope and pray that you have all enjoyed our daily contact.

Summer holidays, that usually means one thing in our calendar, yes, you’ve got it Holiday Club. Exciting, Energising, Exhausting, Extra work, Extra fun — you get the idea. Well this year, like everything else that has not been cancelled, it is different.

All the songs, stories and videos for making the craft are online.  We were not sure how folk would react to this, but Andrew and Robyn have distributed 50-60 craft and workbook packs. That is so encouraging as we try to keep in touch with the children and families of the neighbourhood. All these activities are available for all the 6 weeks holidays.

I will so miss this lovely time of getting to know the children and cares who bring them, and spending time together with the other volunteers.

As my grandson said to me the other day ‘ But Nanny what about the games and seeing all my friends’ and of course that will not happen this time.

Our open-air service on Sunday 30th August will celebrate the Holiday Club program, and all the families will be invited on that morning.

What we can do is pray for them all, so shall we pray together.

Our Loving Lord, We thank you that the Holiday Club is happening at all, we thank you Lord for Andrew and Robyn, we especially thank you dear Lord for each child and each family who are taking part, Lord we ask that you bless each one, we will not know them as we usually do but we know Lord that you love each one, you hold each one in the palm of your hand.  We know that you gave Our Lord Jesus to die for each one, they are so precious to you.  We pray that they will find time to listen to the stories and enjoy all the activities together and Lord that in some wonderful way known only to you that they will hold on to your word.  When it comes to that Sunday morning Lord help us to have a great time together and to love them and welcome them in your Name. 

Thank you, Lord, for your great love, mercy and blessings to us all. 

In Jesus name   Amen


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