Thought For The Day – Thursday 30th July

Worship  – Don Brennan

I was reading again the account of David bringing the ark to Jerusalem in 2 Samuel Chapter 6 and was struck by David’s exuberance in worship. You won’t be surprised to know it reminded me of a Matt Redman song “Undignified” and that in turn reminded me about the recent series of teaching Andy has been leading us through on Sunday morning about the breadth and depth of worship (circuitous I know but that’s how my mind works). Ending up with me asking myself questions about whether I limit myself in worshipping God.

Do I limit myself in worship by worrying what others in the church will think of me, by fearing being undignified? Am I prepared to do something others might find strange, unusual, shocking even? In worship am I focused on the people sitting or standing around me – what the fellowship will think of me? If I am focused on God then if He finds it acceptable that should be good enough for me.

Do I limit myself in worship by always wanting to do what I’ve always done? There is undoubtedly comfort and security in the familiar. Trying something new means change and change can be uncomfortable, even challenging. Do I settle for comfort instead of challenging myself to grow? Do I want to go back to what was or look forward to what could be? It’s a truism but if I always do what I’ve always done I’ll always be in the same place.

Join me in thinking through these questions because the answers will keep us focused as we steer worship into the “new normal” for us both as individuals and as a fellowship.

Verse for Today – “Ascribe to the LORD the glory due to his name; worship the LORD in the splendour of his holiness.” Psalms 29:2 NIVUK

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