‘From Gawping to Goodreads’ (Part 1)

The first hour of every day I spend at church is spent doing two things – one is praying (or gawping out of my window!!) and the other is reading. I do this day in, day out, week in, week out, year in, year out and this has not changed during lockdown. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve prayed, but I can tell you how many books I’ve read so far; and the answer is 28.

I know this because of an App on my phone called “Goodreads”. It records how many books I’ve read, how much of each book I’ve read as I update my reading progress and how far I am with my annual reading challenge. I know reading is not about counting pages or beating a challenge, but it sure is fun to do so.

Since March 23rd I’ve read a variety of books. Two have been on the Old Testament, three on the New Testament, five on how we live as Christians and as church and three biographies on significant past Christian leaders.

But that is not all. I’ve also read 16 books for the sheer joy of it which have included thrillers, detectives, barristers, Norse mythology and a naval ship which disappeared looking for the Northwest passage though the Arctic ocean.

Over the next few weeks I won’t be giving you book reviews as such on the 12 books I’ve read as your Pastor. Instead, I will try and whet your appetite for the one these 12 books celebrate, as a stone whets a knife. These books refuse to give easy or slick answers but at like finger posts pointing us to places where we can enjoy and be awed at the wide and boundless vista of God’s love, mercy and goodness. My heart is that as Dick Francis described the exhilaration of riding half a ton of horse at 30mph, so may our hearts be as exhilarated by Jesus. Or like Michael Palin who described the courage of the crew of the Erebus as they willingly embraced danger and possible death in the hostile Arctic Ocean so may we be equally courageous in our following and imitating of Jesus.

There is nothing more enjoyable than a Good Read, may what I read be good for us all.

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