‘The 7 dance steps of prayer’ (Part 6)

Who are you looking at from your window, or rather, who is in the way?

When Gilli and I are out walking one of us is often in the way!! This is because when the path narrows you have to walk single file which means the view is very different from when you’re walking side by side.

The early Christians were given a nickname; they were those who walked in ‘The Way’. This described their commitment to follow not the way of life as portrayed by Moses, but the one portrayed by Jesus. To be in ‘The Way’ described their determination to follow Jesus, to go where he led them and to always have him before them. This is what I mean when I asked ‘Who are you looking at from your window, or rather, who is in the way?’

This next step of prayer is praying with our eyes fixed on Jesus, who is always walking just in front of us. He does so not to ruin the view but to help us enjoy it more and more. When we look ahead to our day, our week, our month, our life we do so knowing that Jesus is always there, just ahead of us.

He walks ahead of us to help prepare our way and to help make the path clearer; though never so clear that we then walk by sight, than by faith. This is why the way is never easy or effortless, because this means we always have to keep our eyes fixed on him.

This part of the 7 dance steps reminds of the challenges that being a Christian is all about. In quiet prayer we fix our eyes on Jesus, allowing him to captivate and to fill our sight.

In stillness we remind ourselves of what he said to his disciples, and so to us, in the Gospels.

We allow one of these sayings to resonate around and around in our hearts and minds.

We then dare to desire to allow this to be part of our thoughts and desires for this day.

This is what it means to look and to see who is in the way and oddly enough, when we see him in the way we discover we can see clearly now.

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