‘The 7 dance steps of prayer’ (Part 3)

Who do you look out of the window with?

When I spoke of the 7 dimensions of prayer how many of you were counting? Let me remind you what I said. I spoke of the God who is above us; the God who is below us, the God who is beside us; the God who is before us; the God who is behind us and the God who is within us. As you can see there are only seem to be six but the seventh is hiding in plain sight. When we speak and think of the God who is beside us, we need to include both our left and our right.

When we look out of our windows thinking of God being on our right we think and dwell upon the countless testimonies of God’s goodness, love and faithfulness we know in our lives.

When we look out of our window with God he points out to us the sight of the trees coming into leaf and blossom as they awaken from their winter’s sleep. He speaks of the changing pattern of flowers coming into bloom as they in turn celebrate his loving kindness by the brightness of their colours. He silently listens to and is enraptured by the sound of birdsong and their cry of gratitude to him. He joins in our shouted conversations with those walking past our houses as they go about their daily tasks and grateful to have such brief snatches of a shared humanity in these deeply restricted times.

When we look out of our window with God he reminds us to be grateful for those who we share our lives with. This sharing may mean those who are physically with us as well as those at the end of a phone or video link. They remind us that it is not good to be alone and if our lives are enriched by the presence, the laughter, the kindness or the love of others then we are to enrich the lives of those who may alone.

Finally, when we look out of our window with God he whispers into our hearts, minds and souls his words of love. These whispered words of love rustle through our lives, as the breeze through the trees, stirring within us a response of love to him who promised never to leave us or abandon us as he is with us always.

So look out of your window with God. Look and listen with him reminding yourself not only of his many blessings to us day by day but of his whispered words of love too.

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