Thought for the day – Monday 6th April

‘The Greatest Story ever told?’– Sharing our story, sharing God’s story 

Monday 6th April  (John 12: 1 – 8 ) 

  As we begin our journey in Holy Week we do so with a reading I used last week. Though I’m tempted to merely ‘cut and paste’ from last week I will instead ask you to ponder one of the questions James asks in the material he has written for us. He asks: “How have the actions of others revealed God’s story to us?” 

  Holy Week is one of those times of the year when we walk not on virgin ground but on land peppered by the footsteps of Jesus. To my mind James’ question makes me first turn my eyes towards Jesus. He is the one who reveals God’s story clearest to me. In his words and deeds God’s story takes on flesh and blood and on Friday we see again God’s flesh and blood torn asunder cruelly on the cross. It is at the cross I see God’s astonishing story of love clearest. 

   But I have discovered God’s astonishing story of love elsewhere. I’ve seen it in how thousands of strangers treated other at the Greenbelt Festival in 1980 such that I wanted to know how I could follow Jesus for myself. I’ve seen it in the lives of churches I have been part of and led such that I know I will never be the same again. I’ve seen it by the way Jesus has changed the lives of people when they’ve responded to him; such as Mary here who poured out her love to Jesus and Jesus says ‘Go and do likewise.’

Revd. Andy Gore 

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