‘Have you a minute or two?’

I read on Facebook this week something that got me thinking. The post said during this Coronavirus lockdown it’s ok not to start a new hobby, not to redecorate the whole house or do all of those jobs you’ve been promising yourself to do.

As I pondered this I appreciated the fact that we do need protecting from that very pernicious anxiety of either justifying, or preening, ourselves by what we do. Yet, I was discomforted too. We have all been given an extraordinary gift of time when we cannot do all those things we’re used to doing and my question is, are we going to treasure this time or dare we fritter it away?

Therefore, let me ask you a not too demanding question: ‘Have you a minute or two to pray each day?’

I know it doesn’t sound much and that is the point. When we think about learning to pray it is easy to think we’re being burdened with a load that is hard to bear. One of the elements of Mosaic Discipleship this year is Prayer Guides who will help us to pray in what may be an unfamiliar way. Let me guide you in a manner of praying I find very useful; the way of quiet prayer.

Quiet prayer is what it says. It is not about asking God, or even speaking to God. It is about being still in God’s presence, listening to him and then seeing where it goes from there. If you would like to explore what it means to pray quietly then please do the following:

 Set your phone, or a timer to 2 minutes. Find yourself a comfortable position in a chair, or in bed, and when you are ready press start.

 For these two minutes focus on your breathing. Feel your lungs inflating and deflating. Be aware of your body and what it feels like. For a change take more notice of your body then the things that are buzzing around your mind. Train yourself not to pay such close attention to these thoughts but instead to your body.

 When your phone, or timer, goes off take a moment to ponder what you’re feeling and try and write down a description.

Welcome to the first step in the world of silent prayer. If you’re wondering what the next step will be, you will have to wait for the next blog which will be coming out soon.

Enjoy the silence.

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