‘Keep It Spiritual Samuel’

I have a few Bibles at home, some of which are a bit different from what you might expect. I have a Bikers’ Bible which is a standard Bible but with testimonies in it of what it means as a Biker to live and trust in Jesus. I also have a Bike Bible. This is a book that tells me everything I need to know how to look and after and maintain my cycle. It doesn’t tell anything about how I am to live and trust in Jesus.

This is what I mean about keeping it spiritual. It is the difference between reading your Bible to fix things in your life, like learning how to adjust your brake cables so that you could stop safely on your bike, and reading your Bible to meet with Jesus. One treats the Bible like a Haynes repair manual which takes you step by step through a problem. The other opens your eyes to the awesome wonder of the world we live in and the astonishing privilege we have in knowing Jesus.

One treats the Bible merely as a sort of self help guide where the focus is on us and our own needs. The other opens our eyes to the difference Jesus can make to our lives and what our future is to be, that is becoming more and more like Jesus.

To keep it spiritual is to embrace why the Bible was itself written.

It was written so that Israel, and then the Church, would be able to hear the voice of God above all of the other competing voices tempting us away from him. It was written so that we would be reminded of who we truly are as those made in the image of God. It was written so that we would know something of the height and length and depth and breadth of the love of God that is ours in Jesus. It was written that we may remain faithful to the vocation we’ve been given in Jesus. It was written that we may demonstrate what it means to have spent time with Jesus.

To be spiritual is not to be floating above unaffected by all the nitty gritty issues of life. Instead it is to have grease under your finger nails not because you’ve been fixing your own bike, but because you’ve been fixing someone else’s. Having grease under your nails is a sign we’ve learnt a little bit more of what it is to be and to live like Jesus. Or in other words; to be spiritual.

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