‘Keep It Short Saul’

Saul, who was also known as Paul, was a short man who at times didn’t keep it short. On one occasion this led to a young man, called Eutychus, falling out of a window because he was so tired. Though, to be fair, Paul wasn’t able to keep it short because everyone there wanted to speak too, this is why it went on for so long.

I’ve been asked, ‘As there are twelve different areas of Mosaic Discipleship, and we’re doing the Bible area for this year, does this mean that Mosaic Discipleship is going to last for twelve years and if so, which area will be the final one?’

The short answer to that is as short as Saul as I honestly don’t know.

A slightly longer answer is that Mosaic Discipleship will be neither too long, nor will it be too short. Instead it will be just right. The importance of it not being too short is because we need to hear what the Bible has to say about each of the eleven other areas. Yet, it must neither be too long, as we then run the risk of becoming tired of it or else become uninspired by what Jesus is seeking to say to us through the Bible.

I am already pondering and praying over how three of the areas will interact with each other next year. This interaction of areas is part of why I like Mosaic Discipleship so much. It makes us live and think and believe in a way that reflects the complexity of life itself. We will discuss and pray about this possible interaction of areas at both the Leadership and the Church Meetings so that we hear Jesus as clearly as possible.

Mosaic Discipleship also has three other areas we would automatically put together. These are the three that describe who our God is and the way he works in this world. This only leaves us five more areas to go.

I am aiming to keep it short, but I am also aiming to keep it right. I am aiming to keep it right because my prayer is that we will become the people Jesus is calling us to be, people who look and love just like him.

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