‘Keep it Simple Simon’

The Bible translator William Tyndale had one wish. He wanted a Bible simple enough that even a ploughboy could read it. For such thinking he was burned at the stake as a heretic.

Tyndale argued for the Bible to be available not only in Latin, the language of the church, but also in the everyday English of the streets. For such thinking he was burned at the stake in as a heretic.

Tyndale also argued for the Bible to be printed as cheaply as possible so that any who could afford it could buy one. For such thinking he was burned at the stake as a heretic but our country soon became awash with the Bible in English.

Keeping it Simple is the heart of the aim of the Bible theme of Mosaic Discipleship. The aim is for us as a church and as individuals “To be more confident as we hold our Bibles, to know how to read the Bible for all its worth so that we can grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus.”

Keeping it Simple is not just a polite request. To Keep it Simple is a necessity. After two months of background reading, I know I have so much I want to say about the Bible. As I’ve re-read books, I haven’t read for years, so I’ve discovered my understanding of the Bible is both bigger and better than it has ever been.

To Keep it Simple is a necessary leash to prevent me from going too fast or too far ahead. So, like Tyndale, I need to learn to Keep it Simple for the sake of the ‘ploughboy’ within our church community, as I want all of us to be as equally excited in living and knowing the Bible as I am.

Like Tyndale I need to keep it within the language of everyone within the church, resisting playing to the gallery, yet neither dumbing it down to mere platitudes either.

Like Tyndale I need to ensure that all that will be said about the Bible, of its big storylines and threads running through it, will be as accessible as possible for all in church so that none maybe excluded.

Tyndale’s passion for the Bible being read, learned, loved, kept and obeyed cost him his life. It was a price he willingly paid. May our passion be the same as his that our lives may be filled with the same joy and love of Jesus as his was.

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