‘Acronyms rule – ok?’

When I was a school governor one of my biggest headaches was learning the incredible number of acronyms used in the educational system. For instead of being a help they proved to be an astonishing hindrance as they tended to confuse than to clarify whatever was being discussed.

One of my favourite acronyms is KISS. It was first used in 1960 as a principle for design by the US Navy and it was the brainchild of Kelly Johnson, the lead engineer at the Lockheed Skunk Works. KISS stands for ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ and the point was that in the US Navy intelligence would never be a hindrance to any engineer working on the ships.

We, however, aren’t the US Navy.

As we begin to think on and about the Bible we will do so according to KISS. But rather than the last ‘S’ standing for stupid, since I want none of us to define ourselves by that, it will be someone from the Bible whose name begins with an ‘S’.

All of these ‘S’s will be people who are just like us. They’ll be flawed and they’ll be awesome. They’ll be faithful and they’ll be inconsistent. They’ll wrestle with what God is saying to them and they’ll try to live this out in their lives.

This is what Mosaic Discipleship is about.

It is about us trying to hear what Jesus is saying to us as individuals and as a church because we know he is the Word of Life.

It is about us trying to make sense of what Jesus is saying to us today as a church and as individuals because we know he has the Words of Life.

It is about us seeking to live out his words today within our busy and full lives, as individuals and as a church, because we know he gives us the Words of Life.

Acronyms are, after all, A-OK and this year may we ask again and again WWJD and may we be those who’re FROG.


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