‘Are you properly accessorized?’

When does wearing a bracelet make all the difference to your life? It’s when you live what it says.

I’m not speaking about lucky charms or Pandora bracelets but a little strip of cloth. The cloth actually says very little, it only has four letters on it; ‘WWJD’. Yet, if we truly and properly pay attention to what these four letters mean then our lives will never be the same again.

To ask the question ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ puts a whole new twist on our current thinking about discipleship we’re having in church at the moment.

‘What Would Jesus Do?’ defines our response when we ask ‘What is a Disciple? What is Discipleship? and ‘What is the goal of Discipleship?’ These questions have simple answers. To be a Disciple is to be a follower of Jesus. Discipleship is the way we live in following Jesus and it is how the goal of discipleship is fulfilled. The goal of Discipleship is for us to become more like Jesus in our hearts, minds and lives. This is why ‘WWJD’ is such a life changer.

‘WWJD’ takes the focus away from us, our lifestyle choices, our likes and dislikes and instead puts the focus right where it belongs – on Jesus. ‘WWJD’ reminds us to be a disciple is for Jesus to call the shots in our lives.

‘WWJD’ reminds us in the process of discipleship we are always learning what it means to use our hearts, minds and hands in his service.

‘WWJD’ reminds us discipleship is about us asking ourselves ‘How much does my character show Jesus?’ and ‘How is this shown in the worlds of home or work or play?’

I wear a ‘WWJD’ bracelet. I do so to help me keep focussed on Jesus. I do so to remind myself that I’m not yet close to being like Jesus now. I do so to encourage me to continue to learn to live in such a way that I may show him more in my life day by day.

Do you dare to wear such a bracelet too?

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