The 1994 film ‘Four Weddings and a funeral’ has a very colourful opening scene; though it’s not as colourful as I’d remembered it. The first 90 seconds or so has Hugh Grant, who plays Charles, swearing constantly because he’s late for the first wedding in the film. However, when I watched these 90 seconds, to make sure I was accurate in what I thought he said, I discovered he was merely foul mouthed instead of being casually blasphemous as I’d thought.

To say I was disappointed is to put it mildly, as in this blog I want us to think about casual blasphemy and how am I going to introduce now? The thing is this blog isn’t about Hugh Grant’s casual blasphemy, but our own. But before anyone panics and think I’m pointing a finger at them I want to reassure you that this blog is not about your casual blasphemies but my own.

Casual blasphemy is what it says on the tin; it is to take God casually. Casual blasphemy is when we assume God revolves around our desires and wishes, instead of us re-orientating our lives around his. Casual blasphemy is when we think we can combine the words ‘No’ and ‘Lord’ within the same sentence with no sense of contradiction. Of such blasphemy I know I am guilty of; and it is a blasphemy I know God wishes to deliver me from.

I casually blaspheme when instead of treasuring that which I love to be and do as a Pastor of Jesus’ church I wish he had called someone else.

I casually blaspheme when I merely read Scripture, pray, preach, listen or speak instead of seeking through these to meet with Jesus and for others to meet him through me too.

I casually blaspheme when I think it’s all about me and what I do when instead it’s about Jesus taking pleasure to use me as weak and fragile as I am.

What’s your casual blasphemy? I don’t know what form it may take for you, as only you and God do, but I do know God delights in setting us free from them. God delights in showing me he’s bigger than I’d imagined him to be; God delights in showing me he’s always more gracious than I’ve ever known before; God delights in showing me he’s always willing to give me another chance to start again.

So before I’m casually blasphemous again I need to remind myself that God asks me to take him at his word and then see what happens next.

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